Let's Connect!

It is my passion to serve others through my God-given gifts of training and coaching to help others create their best life.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines "connections" as:

  • to join or fasten together usually by something intervening

  • to place or establish in relationship;

  • to establish communication between; put in communication

I believe that to be successful in life, everything revolves around connecting and
building strong relationships.

Leadership Training
As a John Maxwell Certified Trainer and Speaker, my goal is to inspire, educate, encourage
and help you achieve all you could ever dream of and make every "connection"
a lasting one.

Under the mentorship of International Leadership Expert, John Maxwell, I offer
workshops, MasterMinds meetings and trainings to help others in their personal growth and development using the Maxwell systems.

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Connections Events
Liz enjoys bringing people together to connect, create and collaborate together! Join us for her monthly “Connections” events where we will focus on a different leadership skill or topic each month.

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Who is Liz Brewer?

My heart is to help others learn how to balance the everyday stresses of real estate sales and connect them to all of the amazing possibilities that await them.
I am passionate about helping others CREATE their best life. 

Over the past 32 years , I have  enjoyed great success as a Mortgage Broker/Lender and Real Estate Agent and have helped thousands of clients achieve their dream of home ownership.

In 2015, I became a Trainer, Coach and Recruiter for a local RE/MAX office
and my love for real estate sales began.

As a Licensed Realtor, I have a clear understanding of the entire process and teach new and seasoned agent the foundational steps of real estate sales. 

I share systems for maximum efficiency and provide tools needed to achieve above average success in real estate sales.

Throughout my life, leadership skills were learned and applied in all areas of my life.
I was thrilled when I was invited to become a John Maxwell Certified Speaker and Trainer. 

I am able to lead others in their personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John's proven leadership methods in workshops, Mastermind sessions
and corporate speaking engagements.

As a National Decide to Fly Leader,  this is how I grow as a woman.  Leading this incredible ministry and sharing with women the life skills that enable me to be strong, courageous and confident has been a true blessing!  

Because of Decide to Fly, I am able to say YES to the things that are important to me and stay focused on achieve my LIFE goals personally and professionally.

I am passionate about my community and serve as the Executive Director of the Greater Brandon Community Foundation also known as the Angel Foundation. This organization allows me to serve my community through the Foundation Angel Program we created after losing my Father to lung cancer in 2006.

My greatest blessing is being a Wife of 32 years to the love of my life, Jeff, and Mother to my
3 amazing children, Jeff (28), Tyler (23) and Brittany (18). 

It is my heart's desire to serve others with the gifts God has blessed me with that I may be a reflection of Him always.

 I was created to LIVE my LIFE, not LOSE it.

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Success Stories


Natalie Betzu, Realtor

Starting a new career after 20 years of being out of the work force was trying, to say the least.  Through her coaching and encouragement, I was able to get everything I needed and more to start my new business. From help setting up my website, to setting up my social medias, and, most importantly, the extensive knowledge and training that she offers through her 30 years of experience in the business, Liz was truly the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

Liz is gifted and passionate about coaching and has given me all of the tools that I need to become the successful Realtor that I am. She is truly a gift from God and I am blessed to be her friend.


Lawrence Darby, Realtor

Real Estate can be tough especially if you don't have the right direction. I have done well since getting into the business, but found myself stuck, not moving forward, yet not moving backwards either. I needed a Coach and a Trainer.

You may say you can't afford a coach, but let me tell you this...if you want to stay in real estate and make a real living at it, you can not afford not to have a Coach like Liz Brewer. Stop kidding yourself if you are paying high fees for lead generation or spending money on dead end marketing and consider Liz. I spend less for my website, CRM, marketing/lead generation, and coaching in one month with better results than I did on Zillow for a month of dead end leads. Best move of my career. and it will be the best move of yours!

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Elaine Bales, Mortgage Loan Officer, FBC Mortgage, LLC

Liz’s personal coaching made a positive difference in my life that translated into more productive days. She introduced best practices and consistently brought valuable insights and techniques which have transformed my thought processes. 
Her easy-going style is complimented by her business and relationship skills that have allowed me to focus on key objectives to take ownership and drive my business to new heights

Liz is a great coach, consistently bringing expert advice, guidance, energy and professionalism and is committed to helping me achieve whatever goals I set for myself.