2018...a look back.

2018 was certainly a year of personal growth. I had no idea of the journey that God will have me on that latest throughout the entire year. January started off with a bang and I was excited to be able to work alongside my amazing son, Jeff, to help clients buy and sell real estate. Our second year in the business was filled with new relationships and great successes as we helped friends and new clients buy their dream homes as well as sell homes to move up into bigger ones. The RISE events were filled each month with women eager to create their best life. I was honored to become a Certified John Maxwell trainer and coach and began incorporating John’s incredible books in my events. I made so many new friends and was able to walk alongside the path of my dear ones as we learned new and exciting things to help us personally and professionally. The year was starting off wonderful!

I proceeded into the summer months enjoying time with my family on vacation and my youngest child, my daughter, Brittany, graduated from high school and was heading into a new season in her life, college. Now the real fear was setting in as I struggling with the realization that she may be leaving the nest and I knew, without a doubt, I was the one that wasn’t ready! Thankfully, she chose to stay home and so I was able to enjoy this past year creating new memories and enjoying great experiences with her.

Life was good. Then something unplanned and unexpected occurred. I was offering what seemed to be a dream job. I prayed about it fervently and heard God’s response of “my child, my child, trust me in this”. So I did. As I jumped into the new position to recruit, train and coach realtors, I ran into obstacle after obstacle. Nothing seemed to work and it had me puzzled. I started seeing things that, in my spirit, I knew were wrong but I was surprised could occur. After several months of questioning and uncovering more and more things that were completely out of integrity, after losing night after night of sleep, I prayed for God to remove me from this situation. I recognized that He, in fact, has an assignment for me there. One which I didn’t expect. I continued to ask Him for direction and very soon after, God showed me that when you are faithful and obedient to what He has called you to do, and you walk in trust, He will bless you because He already knows what is on the other side. I was blown away by what He provided to me once I completed that assignment. I give God all the praise for bringing me through that season and restoring to me what had been taken away just a few years ago. He taught me to understand that if we truly believe in Him, we can’t just think it, we have to openly acknowledge it and claim it. He taught me that even though I have gone through more things in the past few years than most people never go through in their entire life, He has always been there, even in the darkest hour when I questioned why. He is an amazing God and I am so thankful to be able to walk through this world, in the good times and the bad times, knowing no matter how hard the road is, how deep the valley is and how steep the climb looks, He truly is there every single step of the way. 2019 is going to be my best year yet!!!

Liz Brewer